Amy Jo Martin – Renegade Global

The diamond is a meaningful symbol for the client – as such, it was important that this shape was re-imagined into the Renegade Global icon. The diamond was purposefully segmented to represent synergy between the various parts of the Renegade Company (Corporate, Accelerator, Collective) all coming together to help future and existing leaders step into their power. Through the mosaic, the letter ‘R’ is still very much at the centre. The wordmark was customised with a series of unique nicks and folds, making it perfectly Renegade. The font style is approachable yet boldly balances the angular and structured approach found in the emblem. The interplay between emblem and wordmark, creates the sweet-spot for the brand look & feel. At the core of the colour palette, is a twist on the traditional red and a commanding teal tone. Teal is both a corporate-friendly and a trendy colour as it has the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green. Red, on the other hand, is a signature colour for the client as a symbol being emboldened and brave. From inception to final delivery, Paulina was responsible for the ideation, design and delivery of the renewed brand identity.

Brand Identity & Art Direction
Austin, USA