Rhian Truman Therapies

Company: Rhian Truman Therapies
Sector: Wellness, Beauty and Luxury
Services: Brand Identity / Product Design / E-commerce Shopify Website

When Rhian Truman, one of the UK’s most sought-after facialists, was in need of a total rebrand and an ecommerce website, Paulina was approached to help achieve her objective. The focus was on achieving the perfect synergy between ethical business growth and steadfast personal values. As an independent business owner collaborating with top wellness brands and celebrities, Rhian wanted her brand to reflect her expertise while laying the groundwork for growth. Paulina’s mission was then to create and deliver a visual landscape that would attract new clients and open doors to exciting partnerships and potential investors.

The logo for Rhian Truman Therapies was designed with a focus on organic development, incorporating both the face and Rhian’s initials. This approach resulted in a logo that is distinctly ‘RT’ while embodying elegance and minimalism of the brand.

Design Elements

  • Line Drawing: The use of a line drawing imparts an elegant and minimalistic touch to the branding. This reflects the brand’s commitment to simplicity and highlights the innate beauty of each individual. The face emblem serves as the core essence of the brand, aligning with the facialist brand’s goal of enhancing natural beauty and promoting skin health.
  • Colours: Fun, bright colours, such as vibrant greens, yellow, or purple, can evoke a sense of freshness, vitality, and rejuvenation. These colours are associated with energy, youthfulness, and positive emotions. By incorporating bright colours into the branding, Rhian Truman Therapies can visually communicate the transformative effects of their skincare services.
  • Typography: To balance the organic lines of the emblem, minimal and clean typography was chosen. This creates a harmonious balance between the emblem and the text, ensuring a cohesive and sophisticated brand identity.

The Result

The resulting logo encapsulates the brand’s philosophy of simplicity, elegance, and natural beauty. It effectively communicates the essence of Rhian Truman Therapies, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to enhancing natural beauty and skin health.

E-commerce Shopify Website

Critically, the new website was launched to shape perceptions, foster connections, and drive sustainable growth through improved user experience and a seamless online booking system. Simultaneously, the e-commerce site played a pivotal role in expanding Rhian’s service offerings through an online web shop, enhancing revenue and credibility with customers and partners.

Design Director
London, United Kingdom