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Paulina’s Story

Education & Background

Paulina Kisielewska is a passionate design director with international experience in creative leadership and design. A ‘global nomad’ by birth right (born in Austria to Polish parents and raised in Vancouver, Canada), Paulina’s journey has been defined by a unique blend of cultural & creative influences. After earning a B.A in Political Science & English Literature from the University of British Columbia, the desire to unleash her artistic spirit through design led her to the Florence Institute of Design International in Italy.

Creative Journey

Paulina then traded Florence’s ‘la dolce vita’ for advertising adventures and skyscraper growth in Dubai. After a few years of leading a flock of fabulous creatives, her wings spread out to the city of palms - Marbella, Spain. There, for two years, Paulina’s innovative horizons were broadened by designing & creating for southern Spain’s most luxurious clients. From tapas to afternoon tea, she now lives and creates full-time in London. When not pushing pixels or dreaming up the next big design trend, Paulina enjoys music, museums & coffee-fueled strolls through the city.

Her work as a Creative Director and Designer coupled with her humble, capable, and positive presence makes working with Paulina nothing short of exceptional.

By Valérie Downey-Bergström , Project Manager

Paulina is an extremely creative individual with a great sense of design and style; her understanding of brand importance and her creative ideas were always well received here at Andon and for the clients she worked with.

By Aimee Weeks , HR Manager

I have worked with Paulina on several projects (including an entire brand redesign), and am always amazed at how she manages to take a rough vision and transform it into something beautiful yet functional…she has a true eye for design and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

By Emma Blackmore , Chief Marketing Consultant

Paulina's ability to transform concepts into captivating visual masterpieces is truly remarkable. Her professionalism, paired with a genuine passion for the craft, make her an invaluable asset to any creative endeavour.

By Dean Catney , Director of Operations at CityGroup Ltd