Harper Fine Dining

The client for this brand identity is a modern beach club, lounge and restaurant. Created in collaboration with the Marbella-based agency, Cool Marbelous, we decided to take an illustrative approach for this project. The inspiration behind the logo for Nido is the contemporary architecture and the venues’ namesake (‘Nido’, which means ’Nest’ in Spanish). The half-dome shape in the emblem represents a window into Nido. Looking through it, the visual is that of a woman embracing a sparrow (as a nod to birds resting within the nest), while sitting on a bed of water (representing the proximity to the beach). The sparrow symbolism means power, creativity, community, simplicity, and empowerment. The colours are neutral & sandy to match the aesthetic of the beach club itself. We then created two more iterations of the logo in order to highlight the venues’ restaurant and lounge.

Brand Identity & Art Director in Collaboration with Good Intentions Studio & the Cool Marbelous agency
Marbella, Spain