Emma Blackmore LTD

Company: Emma Blackmore LTD.
Sector: Marketing and Advertising
Services: Brand Identity, Brand Application & Website Design

The Challenge

Emma Blackmore, a Fractional CMO based in London, sought a brand identity for Emma Blackmore LTD. that would reflect both professionalism and warmth. As a growth partner to founders and SMEs, Emma needed a logo and overall brand that balanced vibrant colours with an executive feel. The challenge was to create a visual identity that not only highlighted her tagline, “building your marketing from the ground up, by the slice,” but also represented her unique approach to fractional marketing, encapsulated by the concept of the marketing pie.

The Result

Paulina successfully developed a brand identity that embodied Emma’s vision. The emblem creatively merged the concept of a pie slice with the letter ‘e,’ symbolising Emma’s unique marketing approach. Green was chosen as the primary colour for its strong, calming, and gender-neutral qualities, while coral added a fun and bold touch to the brand. The typography featured a marriage of sans-serif fonts for body text clarity and a beautiful serif font for headers, enhancing readability and elegance.

Working closely with the developer and business strategy teams, Paulina ensured the brand strategy was seamlessly integrated into a concise and visually appealing website.

This comprehensive rebranding effort resulted in:

  • A fresh new logo and vibrant colour palette that elevate the brand’s image.
  • An improved user experience designed for ease of use and engagement.
  • Enhanced page content that offers deeper insights into Emma’s services and business essence.

This complete makeover not only elevated Emma Blackmore LTD.’s brand presence but also propelled its business objectives forward.

Design Director
London, United Kingdom