Foto Marlin Basel

Company: Foto Marlin Basel + Explore by Foto Marlin
Sector: Retail & Photography
Services: Brand Identity for ‘Explore’ by Foto Marlin / Brand Application / Asset Design / Digital Content Creation

The Challenge

The creative challenge for Foto Marlin involved effectively applying the new brand identity across all digital and print collateral. This task extended beyond the main brand to include the umbrella brand, ‘Explore by Foto Marlin,’ which was re-launching its photography expedition business. The challenge was to create a brand identity for ‘Explore’ that had its own distinct personality while still fitting seamlessly within the overarching Foto Marlin Basel brand.

The ultimate goal was to ensure that both brands not only stayed relevant in the competitive market but also thrived in their mission to make photography accessible to everyone. This required a strategic approach to branding that would resonate with new and existing customers alike, reinforcing Foto Marlin’s commitment to quality and accessibility in the world of photography.

The Result

Paulina successfully applied the new brand identity in a manner that not only attracted new customers but also retained the loyalty of existing ones, positioning them as integral components of the brand’s ongoing success. By skillfully implementing the refreshed brand identity across diverse collateral and assets, Foto Marlin bolstered its presence in the market and cultivated stronger bonds with both its current and prospective clientele. The cohesive and dynamic branding strategy enabled Foto Marlin to adeptly navigate the hurdles of a competitive market landscape, ensuring the brand’s enduring relevance and sustained growth.

Design Director
Basel, Switzerland